Arkansas Murder Ballad No​.​1

by Angela Easterling

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Don Soper
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Don Soper Another GR-8 song, found myself humming it had to buy it. I wonder how many folks saw the stainless steel revolver (a .38 or.357). I'm from Georgia we notice these things. :)
Gérard Pluys
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Gérard Pluys Je suis impatient qu'un nouvel album sorte à écouter ce titre ! Il viendra directement rejoindre ses 4 grands frères chez moi. Ce titre est excellent et la production assurée par Brandon est largement à la hauteur ! La musique d'Angela est toujours en progression.
Gregg Alley
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Gregg Alley I was in the audience when Angela performed this song for the first time, long before it was recorded.


Arkansas Murder Ballad

Dig me a hole ‘bout 6 by 5
Make it deep, not too wide
Fresh blisters on my calloused hands,
Back so weary, hard to stand
Soon the sun will rise up o’er that Eastern sky.

He looks so peaceful layin’ there,
Reminds me when I used to care,
Before broken ribs, blackened eyes,
A thousand tears, a thousand lies
And no time to wonder if anyone heard his cry

CHORUS Pay heed that Old North Wind is howlin’ low
And she seems to say, “Hey Girl, where you gonna go?”
I don’t know.

He dragged me West to Arkansas,
Took me from my Ma and Pa,
Talked so pretty, talked so sweet,
Talked me right up off my feet.
Oh Virginia, Virginia, I miss my home.

A poison flower in my heart
By hate and fear, he did start,
I could have left, I could have run,
But I shot him with his Daddy’s gun.
Oh Jesus, Lord have mercy on my soul!


Dig me a hole ‘bout 6 by 5,
Make it deep, not too wide
The child within me starts to stir,
But this ain’t no kind world for her;
Her Mama’s a killer, her Daddy’s an evil man

The warm dark earth welcomes me
Chest is pounding, try to breathe,
Sirens wail from down the road,
That barrel on my temple cold,
One look to the sky and steady my right hand.

CHORUS Pay heed that Old North Wind is howlin’ low.
Will I rise upon Her, or fall to depths Below?
I don’t know, I don’t know


released February 15, 2013
Song by Angela Easterling © 2013
Produced by Brandon Turner
Recorded at County Line Studio, Chesnee, SC by Matthew Knights
Vocals: Angela
Guitars, Bass, Banjo, Percussion, BGV's: Brandon



all rights reserved


Angela Easterling Greer, South Carolina

"Angela Easterling is a bright shining star on the horizon! Her gift is so special. Brought me back to the time the Byrds recorded "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" - tradition meets youthful exuberance!" Roger McGuinn, The Byrds

Angela is a 3 time Kerrville New Folk Finalist,
2 time Wildflower Songwriting Finalist and a Telluride Troubadour.
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